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Perivale Halt
Perivale Halt railway station was a station on the New North Main Line of the Great Western Railway.

The station was opened by the Great Western Railway on 1 May 1904, originally being named Perivale. It had long wooden platforms, and pagoda huts, on an embankment reached by sloping paths west of Horsenden Lane South. The steam “push-and-pull” passenger service ran to Paddington (Bishop’s Road), the line was shared with freight, and express trains to Birmingham (2 hours, non-stop). Until the late 1920s, Perivale was entirely rural, despite its proximity to Ealing. A similar halt was at South Greenford before it was modernised by Network SouthEast. The station closed temporarily on 1 February 1915, reopening on 29 March 1920; and on 10 July 1922 was renamed Perivale Halt. It closed permanently on 15 June 1947, after the extension of the Central line to Ruislip.

TUM Book Club: Tube Mapper Project
Photographer Luke Agbaimoni created the Tube Mapper project allowing him to be creative, fitting photography around his lifestyle and adding stations on his daily commute.

The Underground is the backbone of the city of London, a part of our identity. It’s a network of shared experiences and visual memories, and most Londoners and visitors to the city will at some point have an interaction with the London Underground tube and train network. Photographer Luke Agbaimoni gave up city-scape night photography after the birth of his first child, but creating the Tube Mapper project allowed him to continue being creative, fitting photography around his new lifestyle and adding stations on his daily commute. His memorable photographs consider such themes as symmetry, reflections, tunnels and escalators, as well as simply pointing out and appreciating the way the light falls on a platform in an evening sunset. This book reveals the London every commuter knows in a unique, vibrant and arresting style.

View of a House and its Estate in Belsize, Middlesex (1696) London and its smoke is visible on the left horizon

Jan Siberechts/Tate Britain

Video: Co-ordinate near to Gardner Close, Wanstead
Jago Hazzard went to the far reaches of the Central Line


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