Streets in 1732 , the Survey of London by William Maitland in 1756

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Streets in 1732 , the Survey of London by William Maitland in 1756

An Account of all the Alleys, Banks, Bridges, Buildings, Buries, closes, Corners, Courts, Ditches, Docks, Entries, Gardens, Greens, Grounds, Mewses, Passages, Rents, Roads, Rows, Squares, Streets, Yards, &c. within the City of London, and Suburbs thereof , alphabetically digested.

Streets in 1732.

Addle street, Wood street
Ailsbury street, St. John street
Ainger street, York street
Air street, Leather lane
Air street, Piccadilly 3
Albemarle street, Piccadilly
Albemarle street, St. John street
Aldgate High street, within
Aldgate street, without
Aldersgate street, Aldersgate
Allen street, Goswell street
Anchor street, Spitalfields
Angel street, St. Martin le Grand
Anonymous New street, Coveilead's fields
Archer's street, Great Windmill street
Arlington street, Piccadilly
Artillery street, Spitalfields
Arundel (Ireet, in the Strand
Audley ftrcet, Grosvenor square
Austin's street, Shoreditch
Ayliff street, Goodman's fields
Back street, Cloth fair
Back street, Horsleydown
Back street, Lambeth
Back street, St. Clement's Danes
Bacon street, Spitalfields
Bainham street, Southwark
Baldwin's street, Old street
Balsover street, Oxford street
Barbican street, Aldersgate street
Barnaby street, Southwark
Bartlet's street, Red Lion street 5
Barton street, Westminftcr
Basinghall street, Cateaton street
Batemans street, May fair
Bath street. Cold Bath fields
Beak street. Swallow street
Bear street, Leicester fields
Beauchamp street, Leather lane
Bedford ftrcet, Covent garden
Bedford street, Liquorpond street
Bedford street. Red Lion street
Bembridge street, St. Giles's pound
Benjamin street, Cow Cross
Benjamin street, Westminftcr
Bennet street, Long ditch
Bennet street, near the Upper ground
Bennet street, St. James's street
Bentinck street, Berwick street
Berkley street, Hide Park road,
Berry street, Piccadilly
Berwick street. Old Soho
Bett's street, Ratcliff highway
Bird's street, Brook's street
Bird's street, Orchard
Bishopsgate street, within
Bishopsgate street, without
Blackman street, Southwark
Black Eagle street, Spitalfields
Blackmoor ftrcet, Drury lane
Blenheim street, Oxford street
Blossoms street, White Lion street
Blovw bladder street, Cheapside
BlueCross street, Hedge lane
Blue Gate street, Ratcliff highway
Bond street, Piccadilly s
Booth street, Spitalfields
Borough street, Southwark
Bostwick's street, Old Gravel lane
Boulton street, Hide Park road
Bow street, Covent garden
Bow street, Long ditch
Bow street, St. Giles's Broad street
Bow street, Sutton street, Hog lane
Brackley street, Litton street
Bread street, Cheapside
Brewers street, Bow street, St. Giles's
Brewers street, Old Soho
Briant street, Shoreditch
Brick street, Hide Park road
Bridgwater street, Bridgwater square
Bridges street, Ruflel street
Bristol street, Puddle dock
Broad street, London wall
Broad street, near Old Gravel lane
Broad street, Poland street
Broad street, Ratcliff
Brook street, Holborn
Brook street, New Bond street
Brook street, Ratcliff 7
Brown's street, near Brook street 3
Brown's street, near Bunhill fields 5
Brownlow street, Drury Jane
Brownlow street, High Holborn
Brudon street, New Bond street
Buckingham street, in the Strand
Buckle street, Red Lion street
Buckeridge street, Dyot street
Bull ana'Mouth street, St. Martin le grand
Bur street, Lower East Smithfield
Burden's street, David's street
Burleigh street, in the Strand
Burlington street, Great Swallow street
Bury street, Duke's place
Butts street, Lambeth
Cable street, Rag fair
Cambridge heath, Hackney road
Cambridge street, Broad street
Camomile street, Bishopsgate street
Canon street, in the Mint
Canon street, Ratcliff highway
Canon street, Wallbrook
Carey street, Lincoln's Inn fields
Carnaby street, Silver street
Carriers street, Buckeridge street
Carthuii in street, Pick Ax street
Cartwright street, Westminster
Cartwrrght street , Rosemary lane
Castle street, Air street
Castle street, Bloomsbury
Castle street, Cavendish market
Castle street, near Long acre
Castle street, in the Park
Castle street, near the Royal Mewse
Castle street, Saffron hill
Castle street, Shoreditch fields
Castle street, Spitalfields
Castle street, Thames street
Cateaton street, Aldermanbury
Catharine street, in the Strand
Cavendish street, Oxford street
Cecil street, in the Strand
Chambers street, Goodman's fields
Chambers street, Upper Shadwell
Chandler's street, Duke street
Chapel street, Audley street
Chapel street, Red Lion street
Chapel street, Westminster
Charles street, Bridgwater gardens
Charles street, Grosvenor square
Charles street, Hoxton
Charles street, Long acre
Charles street, Oxford street
Charles street, Russel street
Charles street, St. James's square
Charles street, Westminster
Charterhouse street, Long lane
Cheapside street, Paternoster row
Cherry Garden street, Rotherhithe wall
Chigwell street, Ratcliff highway
Chiswell street, WhiteCross street
Church street, Bembridge street
Church street, Hackney
Church street, Hoxton
Church street, Lambeth
Church street, Long acre
Church street, in Coverley's fields
Church street, Mill bank
Church street, Rotherhithe
Church street, Shoreditch fields
Church street, Soho
Church street, Spitalfields
Church street, Stepney causeway
Church street, Swan fields
Cinnamon street, near Wapping
Clapton, near Hackney
Clarges street, Hide Park road
Clare street, Clare market
Clifford street, New Bond street
Clink street, near Deadman's place
Cockpit street, Whitehall
Cockspur street, Pallmall
Colchester street, Red Lion street
Colchester street, Woodrose row
Coleman street, London
Coleman street, New Gravel lane
College street, Narrow wall, Lambeth
College street, Westminster
Collingwood street, Maze pond
Compton street, Mount mill
Compton street, Soho
Conduit street, New Bond street
Conduit street, Red Lion street
Cork street, Burlington gardens
Court street, Whitechapel road
Coventry street, Hay market
Cowley street, Westminster
Craven street, in the Strand
Cranebourn street, Leicester fields
Crifpin street, Spitalfields
Cross street, Carnaby street
Cross" street, Hatton garden
Cross street, Islington
Cross street, King street, Oxford street
Cross street, Rotherhithe
Crown street, Hoxton
Cullum street, Fenchurch street
Cupid's street, Coverley's field
Cursitor street, Chancery lane
Dacres street, New Tothiil street
Dartmouth street, Tothill street
David street, Grosvenor square
Deal street, Coverley's fields
Dean street, Fetter lane
Dean street, High Holborn
Dean street, Little Cock hill
Dean street, Soho
Delahay street, Westminster
Denmark street, Ratcliff highway
Denmark street, St. Giles's
Derby street, Rosemary lane
Devonshire street, Bishopsgate street
Devonshire street, Queen square
Doghouse street, Old street
Dorlston, near Hackney
Doddington street, Leather lane
Dorrington street, Cold Bath fields
Dorset street, Fleet street
Dorset street, Spitalfields
Dover street, Piccadilly
Down's street, Hide Park road
Drake street, Red Lion square
Duke street, Brook's street
Duke street, Gravel lane
Duke street, Great Russel street
Duke street, Grosvenor square
Duke street, Lincoln's Inn fields
Duke street, in the Mint
Duke street, Piccadilly
Duke street, Spitalfields
Duke street, Westminster
Duke street, York buildings
Downing street, Westminster
Dyot street, St. Giles's Broad street
Eagle street, Piccadilly
Eagle street, Plumb Tree street
Eagle street, Red Lion street
East street, Red Lion street
East street, Spitalfields
East Harding street, New street
Edward's street, Berwick street
Edward's street, Hare street
Elder street, White Lion street
Ellman's street, Long acre
Elm street, Gray's Inn lane
Essex street, in the Strand
Essex street, White friars
Ewer's street, Gravel lane
Exeter street, Catharine street
Fair street, Horsleydown
Farthing street, Phcenix street
Farmers street, Shadwell
Fashion street, Spitalfields
Featherstone street, Bunhill fields
Fell street, Little Wood street
Fenchurch street, Gracechurch street
Fisher's street, Red Lion square
Fleet street, Fleet bridge
Fleet street, Spitalfields
Flower and Dean street, Spitalfields
Flower de luce Ilreet, Elder street
Fore street, Lambeth
Fore street, Moorgate
Fort street, Spitalfields
Francis street, Golden square
Free Schoolhouse street, Horsleydown
Friday street, Cheapside
Friars street, Blackfriars
Fullers street, Hare street
Garrat street, Shoreditch
Gate street, Lincoln's Inn fields
George street, Cambridge heath
George street, Foster lane
George street, Hanover square
George street, in the Mint
George street, near Tothill side
George street, Pallmall
George street, Spitalfields
George street, Windsor street
George street, York buildings
Gerrard street, Prince's street, Soho
Gilbert street, Bloomsbury
Giltfpur street, without Newgate
Glafshouse street, Swallow street
Gloucester street, Liquorpond street
Gloucester street, Queen square
Godliman street, St. Paul's Chain
Gold street, near New Gravel lane
Goldsmiths street, Wood street
Grafton street, Soho
Grange Itreet, Chapel street
Gracechurch street, Cornhill
Gravel street, Brooks street
Grey Eagle street, Spitalfields
Goswell street, Old street
Great Chapel street, Oxford street
Great Earl street, Seven dials
Great Eastcheap, Canon street
Great Hart street, near Long acre
Great Hermitage street, Hermitage
Great Kirby street, Hatton garden
Great Knightriders street
Great Maddox street
Great Marlborough street
Great Montague street
Great Newport street
Great Nottingham street
Great Pearl street, Spitalfields
Great Peter street
Great Pulteney street
Great Queen street, Lincoln's Inn fields
Great Queen street, Westminster
Great Rider street, St. James's street
Great Russel street, Bloomsbury
Great Russel street, Covent garden
Great St. Andrew's street, Seven dials
Great Swallow street, Piccadilly
Great Wardour street, Oxford street
Great White Lion street, Seven dials
Great Wild street
Great Winchester street, Broad street
Great Windmill street, Piccadilly
Great York street, Spitalfields
Greek street, Soho
Green street, Leicester fields
Green street, near Grosvenor street
Green street, Theobald's row
Griffin street, Shadwell dock
Grosvenor street, New Bond street
Grove street, Hackney
Grub street, Fore street, Moorgate
Grub street, Market street
Gulston street, Whitechapel
Gun street, Spitalfields
Halfmoon street, Hide Park road
Halfmoon street, in the Strand
Half Nicol street, Shoreditch fields
Hamilton street, Hide Park road
Hanover street, Hanover square
Hanover street, Long acre
Hanover street, Rotherhithe wall
Hannoway street, Tottenham court road
Hare street, Shoreditch
Hart street, Bloomsbury
Hart street, Cripplegate
Hart street, Duke street
Hart street, Mark lane
Hart Row street, without Newgate
Hatfield street, Goswell street
Hatton street, vulg. Hatton garden
Heddon street, Swallow street
Henrietta street, Cavendifh square
Henrietta street, Covent garden
Henry street, Old street
Hermitage street, Wapping
Hide street, Bloomfbury
Hide Park street, Hide Park
High street, Coverley's fields
High Holborn, Holborn
High street, St. Giles's
High Timber street, Broken wharf
Hockley in the Hole street
Holand street, Black friars
Holand street, Great Wardour street
Holborn street, Holborn hill
Holding street, Rotherhithe
Holiwell street, in the Strand
Holiwell street, Shoreditch
Hollis street, Clare market
Hollis street, Oxford street
Homerton street, near Hackney
Hopkins street, Broad street
Hopton street, Berwick street
Houghton street, Clare market.
Houndsditch street, Bishopsgate street
Howard street, Norfolk street
Hoxton, Old street
Hungerford street, in the Strand
Hunt street, Spicer street
Husband's street, near Berwick street
Jacob street, Mill street Rotherhithe
Jamaica street, Rotherhithe
James street, Brooks street
James street, Bunhill fields
James street, Golden square
James street, Hay market
James street, Hoxton
James street, Long acre
James street, near Jockey row
James street, Petty France
Jermain street, near Piccadilly
Jerusalem street, St. John street
Jewin street, Aldersgate street
John's street, David's street
John's street, Golden square
John's street, Ratcliff highway
John's street, Westminster
John's street, Windmill street
Johnfon's street , Old Gravel lane
Joiners street, Tooly street
Ivy street, Dyot street
Kent street, Spitalfields
Kennington, Newington butts
Kennington, Part thereof
Kent street , Southwark
King's street, Bartholomew's hospital
King's street, Cheapside
King's street, Covent garden
King's street, High Holborn
King's street, Hoxton
King's street, Little Tower hill
King's street, Lowman's street
King's street, in the Mint
King's street, near Grosvenor square
King's street, near Monmouth street
King's street, New Gravel lane
King's street, Old Soho
King's street, Old street square
King's street, Oxford street
King's street, Prince's street, Soho
King's street, Ratcliff highway
King's street, Rosemary lane
King's street, Rotherhithe wall
King's street, St. James's square
King's street, Spitalfields
King's street, Upper Moorfields
King's street, Westminster
King's street, Wood's close
King Edward's street, Wapping
King's Gate street, High Holborn
Kingsland, near Kingsland road
King Tudor's street, Bridewell
Knightsbridge, Hide park
Knitneedle street, Bucklersbury
Knockfergus, East of Cable street
Labour in Vain street, Lower Shadwell
Lamb street, Spitalfields
Lambert, street, Goodman's fields
Langley street, Long acre
Leadenhall street, Cornhill
Lee's street , Red Lion square
Leicester street, Leicester fields
Leicester street, Liquorpond street
Leicester street, Warwick street
Lemon street, Goodman's fields
Leydon street, Shadwell market
Lime street, Fenchurch street
Limehouse Fore street, Limehouse
Limehouse Hole street, Limehouse
Liquorpond street, Leather lane
Lifle street, Prince's street, Soho
Litchfield street, Soho
Little Ayliff street, Goodman's fields
Little Bacon street, Brick lane
Little Booth street, Coverley's fields
Little Britain, Aldersgate street
Little Broad street, Broad street
Littie Brooks street, Grosvenor square
Little Buf'street, Nightingale lane
Little Catharine street
Little Chapel street, Great Wardour street
Little Chapel street, Westminster
Little Earl street, Seven Dials
Little Essex street, Essex street
Little Eastcheap, Gracechurch street
Little Friday street, Friday street
Little George street , Spitalfields
Little Grosvenor street, Grosvenor square
Little Hart street near Covent garden
Little John street, David's street
Little Jermain street
Little King street, St. James's street
Little Kirby street, Hatton garden
Little Knightrider street
Little Lombard street, Lombard street
Little Maddox street, New Bond street
Little Marlborough street, Carnaby street
Little Maze pond street, in the Maze
Little Minories
Little Montague street, Spitalfields
Little New street, New street
Little Newport street, Newport street
Little Nottingham street, Dyot street
Little Old Bailey, Fleet lane
Little Ormond street, Southampton row
Little Ormond street, Red Lion street
Little Pearl street, Spitalfields
Little Peter street, Little Windmill street
Little Princes street, near High Holborn
Little Princes street, Old Soho
Little Queen street, Dean street, Soho
Little Queen street, High Holborn
Little Queen street, Westminster
Little Rider street, St. James's street
Little Russel street, Bloomsbury
Little Russel street, Drury lane
Little St. Andrew's street, Seven dials
Little Suffolk street, Haymarket
Little Swallow street, Swallow street
Little Tower street, Tower street
Little Wardour street, Tweed street
Little Warner street, Cold Bath fields
Little Warwick street, Cockspur street
Little White Lion street, Seven dials
Little Wild street, Wild street
Little Winchester street, London wall
Little Windmill street
Little Wood street, Cripplegate
Little York street, Cock lane, Shoreditch
Litton street, Golden lane
Lombard street, Coverley's fields
Lombard street, Gracechurch street
Lombard street, in the Mint
Lombard street, White friars
London street, Fenchurch street
London street, Mill street, Rotherhithe
London street, Ratcliff
London Bridge street
London Wall street
Long Acre street
Lothbury, behind the Royal Exchange
Lower street, Islington
Lower street, Shadwell
Lowman's street, Gravel lane
Lucas street, Rotherhithe
Ludgate street, Ludgate
Macclesfield street, Garrard street
Maddox street, Swallow street
Maidenhead street, Dyot street
Mainhard street, Bembridge street
Mansel street, Goodman's fields
Margaret's street, Cavendish square
Mare street, Hackney
Marigold street, Rotherhithe wall
Mariners street, Shadwell
Market street, Jermain street
Market street, Newport street
Market street, Westminster
Marsh street, Ratcliff highway
Marshal street, Maiden lane
Marshal street, Silver street
Marsham street, Westminster
Marybon street, near Warwick street
May Fair street, near Hide park
Meard's street, Dean street, Soho
Maze street, Tooly street
Maze Pond street, Southwark
Merrick street, New Bond street
Middle street, Cloth fair
Milk street, Cheapside
Mill street, Rotherhithe wall
Mill's street, Conduit street
Millman street, near Red Lion street
Minories (street) Whitechapel
Mint street, alias Cheapside
Mint street, St. George's fields
Mitchel street, Brick lane
Monkwell street, Silver street
Monmouth street, Seven dials
Monmouth street, Spitalfields
Montague street, Spitalfields
Moor's street, Soho
Mount's street, David's street
Mountmill street
Narrow street, Limehouse
Narrow street, Ratcliff
Nassaw street, Gerrard street
Neptune street, Wellclose square
Newgate street, Newgate
New street, street street
New street, Cloth fair
New street, Dyot street, St. Giles's
New street, Fore street, Lambeth
New street, Fox's lane, Shadwell
New street, Horsleydown
New street, Lower Shadwell
New street, Old street
New street, St. Martin's lane
New street, St. Thomas's, Southwark
New street, Shoe lane
New street, Shoemaker row
New street, Upper Shadwell
New Belton street, near Long acre
New Bond street, Oxford street s
New Broad street, London wall
New Broad street, Marshal street
New Broad street, Moorfieids
NewCastle street, Seacoal lane
New Fish street
New George street, near Bethnal green
New George street, St. John street
Newmarket street, Wapping
New Marfan ftr. near East Smithfield
New Nicol street, Swan fields
New North street, Theobald row
New Paradife street, Rotherhithe
New Pye street, Westminster
New Queen street, Oxford street
New Thames street, Bank side
New Tothill street, Westminster
New Turville street, Virginia row
New Tyler street, Carnaby street
Newington butts
Newington, East of the Ware road
Newton street, High Holborn
Nichol's street, Shoreditch
Noble street, Foller lane
Noble street, Mountmill street
Norris street, in the Hay market
Norris street, Spitalfields
Noel street, Burlington gardens
Norfolk street, in the Strand
North street, Poplar
North street, Spitalfields
North street, Westminster
Northampton street, Wood's close
Norton falgate, Bishopsgate street
Nottingham street, Plumb Tree street
Oakey street, Thomas street
Ocean street, Stepney
Old Bailey street, Ludgate hill
Old Belton street, Brownlow street
Old Fish ftr. Knightrider street
Old George street, Wentworth street
Old Montague street, Spitalfields
Old North street, Red Lion square
Old Paradife street, Rotherhite
Old Pye street, Westminster
Old Soho street
Old street, Goswell street
Onslow street, Vine street, Hatton wall
Orange street, Castle street
Orange street, Lowman's street
Orange street, Red Lion square
Orange street, Sun Tavern fields
Orange street, Swallow street
Orchard street, Westminster
Orchard street, Windmill street
Ormond street, Red Lion street
Oxendon street, Coventry street
Oxford street, St. Giles's pound
Pallmall street, St. James's street
Panton street, Hay market
Park street, Westminster
Park street, Littie Grosvenor street
Parish street, Horfleydown
Patience street, Spitalfields
Paulin's street, Hanover street
Peak or Beak street, Swallow street
Pearl street, Silver street
Pearl street, Spitalfields
Pear Tree street, Brick lane
Pedlars street, New Bond street
Pelham street, Spitalfields
Pennington's street, Old Gravel lane
Pennyfield street, Poplar
Pepper street, Duke street
Perriwinkle street
Peter street, Bloomfbury
Peter street, Halfmoon alley
Peter street, in the Mint
Peter street, Turnmill street
Peter street, Vere street, Clare market
Peter street, Westminster
Petty France, Westminster
Phoenix street, Dyot street
Phoenix street, Hog lane
Phoenix street, Spitalfields
Piccadilly street, Hay market
Pickax street, Aldersgate street
Pickle Herring street, near Horsleydown
Pig street, Threadneedle street
Pitrield street, Hoxton
Plow street, Whitechapel
Plumb Tree street, St. Giles's
Poland street, Oxford street
Pollin's street

Plow street, Whitechapel
Plumb Tree street, St. Giles's
Poland street, Oxford street
Pollin's street, Hanover street
Poplar street, Poplar
Porter's street, rear Newport market
Porters Block ftr. West Smithfield
Portugal street, Piccadilly
Portugal street, Searie's street
Poultry street, cheapside
Prescot street, Goodman's fields
Prince's street, Barbican
Prince's street, Drury lane
Prince's street, Duke street
Prince's street, Hanover square
Prince's street, Little Queen street
Prince's street, Oxford street
Prince's street, Queen street
Prince's street, Red Lion square
Prince's street, Rotherhithe wall
Prince's street, Spitalfields
Prince's street, Threadneedle street
Prince's street, Upper Moorfields
Prince's street, Whitecomb street
Pulteney street, Knaves acre
Quakers street, Swan fields, Shoreditch
Queen street, Bloomsbury
Queen street, Cheapside
Queen street, Great Windmill street
Queen street, Hog lane
Queen street, Hoxton
Queen street, Long ditch
Queen street, near New Gravel lane
Queen street, in the Mint
Queen street, in the Park
Queen street, Ratcliff
Queen street, Rosemary lane
Queen street, Rotherhithe
Queen street, Seven dials
Queen street, Oxford street
Queen square street, Westminster
Rag street, Hockley in the Hole
Ratcliff High way street, Shadwell
Ratcliff street, Ratcliff highway
RedCross street, Fore street
RedCross street, in the Park
RedCross street, Nightingale lane
Red Lion street, in the Borough
Red Lion street, Glerkenwell
Red Lion street, High Holborn
Red Lion street, St. George's fields
Red Lion street, Spitalfields
Red Lion street, Wapping
Red Lion street, Whitechapel
Richmond street, Old street
Richmond street, Princes street, Soho
Rivers street, Savage gardens
Rofe street, Brick lane, Old street
Rofe street, Gravel lane
Rofe street, Hog lane
Rofe street, Long acre
Rofe street, Newgate street
Rofe street, Newport market
Rofe street, Spitalfields
Rotherhithe wall, Rotherhithe
Rupert street, Coventry street
Rupert street, Goodman's fields
Sackville street, Piccadilly
St. Alban's street, Pallmall
St. Catharine's street, St. Catharine's
St. Giles's street or Broad way
St. James's street, Pallmall
St. John's street
St. John's street, Spitalfields
St. Margaret's Hill street, Southwark
St. Martin le Grand, Newgate street
St. Martin's street, Leicester fields
St. Mary le Bone
St. Thomas's street, Southwark
Salisdury street, Rotherhithe wall
Salisbury street, in the Strand
Sandy's street, Widegate street
Sarah's street, New Gravel lane
Satchell's street, Shoreditch fields
Saville street, Burlington gardens
Sclater's street, Brick lane
Searle's street, Carey street
Shacklewell, near Hackney
Shacklewell street, Shoreditch fields
Shad Thames street, Horfleydown
Shandos street, Bedford street
Sheffield street, Clare market
Shepherd's street, Oxford street
Sherwood's street, near Golden square
Ship street, near New Gravel lane
Shipwrights street, Rotherhithe
Shoreditch street, Shoreditch
Shorter's street, Cable street
Sidney's street, Leicester fields
Silver street, Bloomfbury
Silver street, Bridgewater square
Silver street, near Golden square
Silver street, Green alley, Tooly street
Silver street, Hare street
Silver street, near New Gravel lane
Silver street, White friars
Silver street, Wocd street
Skinner street, street street
Smith's street, Marsham street
Smithfield Bars street
Snow street, Snow fields
Somerfet street, Whitechapel
South Lambeth
South street, Audley street
South street, Spitalfields market
Southampton street, High Holborn
Southampton street, in the Strand
Southmoulton street
Spicer street, Spitalfields
Spita! street, Spitalfields
Spring street, Middle Shadwell

Spur street, Leicester fields
Btacey's street, Monmouth street
Stafford street, Bond street
Stanhope street, Clare market
Stangate street, Lambeth
Star street, Wapping wall
Steedwell street, Hog Jane
Stepney street, Stepney
Steward's street, Spitalfields
Stonecutters street, Shoe lane
Stoney street, near Derdman's place
Strand street, Charing Cross
Strand Head street, Temple bar
Strangeways street, Saffron hill
Stretton street, Hide Park road
Stretton street, Westminster
Suffolk street, Cockspur street
Suffolk street, in the Mint 8
Summer street, near Leather lane
Sun street, street street
Surrey street, in the Strand
Sutton street, Hog lane, Soho
Sutton street, St. John street
Swan street, Swan fields, Shoreditch
Tash street, Gray's Inn lane
Tattle street, Little Gray's Inn lane
Tavistock street, near Covent garden
Tenderdown ftr. Hanover square
Tench street, Bird street, Wapping
The Grange, in Bermondfey fields
Threadneedle street, Bishopsgate street
Three Colt street, Limehouse
Three Crane street, Thames street
Thames street
Thomas's street, Coverley's fields
Thomas street, Shoreditch fields
Thorley's street
Thral street, Spitalfields
Tothill street, Westminster
Tower of London
Tower street, Tower hill
Tower street, Hackney
Tower street, Soho
Tooly street, Southwark
Thrift street, Soho
Throgmorton street
Thrum street, King street
Trinity street, Rotherhithe
Tudor street, Bridewell Precinct
Tufton street, Westminster
Turner street, Derby street
Tumball or Turnmill street
Turville street, Shoreditch fields
Tweed street, Berwick street
Tyler's street, King street
Tysen's street, Shoreditch fields
Union street, King street
Union street, New Bond street
Upper Ground street, Southwark
Upper street, Islington
Upper Shadwell street, Shadwell
Vauxhall, near Lambeth
Vere street, Beer street
Vere street, Clare market
Vere street, Oxford street
Villars street, in the Strand
Vine street, Fore street, Limehouse
Vine street, Hatton wall
Vine street, Maiden lane
Vine street, Mill bank
Vine street, Minories
Vine street, Narrow wall
Vine street, St. Giles's street
Vine street, Chandos street
Vine street, Warwick street
Virginia street, Ratcliff highway street
Walworth, near Newington butts
Wapping street, Hermitage
Wapping Dock street, Wapping
Warner street, Cold Bath fields
Warwick street, near Golden square
Water street, Arundel street
Water street, Black friars
Water street, Bridewell Precinct
Watling street, St. Paul's Churchyard
Weaver street, Spitalfields
Weddon street, Chancery lane
Well street, Coverley's fields
Well street, East Smithfield
Well street, Hackney
Well Bank street, Marybon fields
Wentworth street, Spitalfields
West street, Soho
West street, Spitalfields market
West Harding street, Fetter lane
Wheeler street, Spitalfields
Whitcomb street, Hedge lane
White street, Blackman street
Whitechapel street, Whitechapel
WhiteCross street, Cripplegate
WhiteCross street, Spitalfields
Whitehall street, Whitehall
White Hart street, Kent street
White Hart street, Warwick lane
White horse ftr. HiJe Park road
White horse street, Queen street
White horse street, Ratcliff
White Lion street, Norton falgate
White Lion street, Rag fair
White Lion street, St. George's fields
Widegate street, Bishopsgate street
Wigmore street, Welbank street
Willow street, Bank side
Wimple street, Henrietta street
Winchester street, St. Mary Overy's
Windmill street, Tottenham court road
Wood street, Cheapside
Wood street, Hare street
Wood street, North street
Wood street, Spitalfields
Woodftock street, Oxford street
Worcester street, Old Gravel lane
Worcester street, in the Park
Wormwood street, Bishopsgate street
Wych street, Drury lane
York street, Bridges street
York street, Jermain street
Zoar street, Gravel lane

Squares in 1732.

Baldwins square, Baldwin's gardens
Billiter square, Billiter lane
Bloomsbury square, Bloomsbury
Bridgewater square, Barbican 5
Cavendish square, near Oxford street
Charles's square, Hoxton
Charterhouse square, near Smithfield
Cold Bath square, Cold Bath fields
Covent Garden square
Cowper's square, Goodman's fields
Cox's square, Spital fields
Crossby square, Bishopsgate street
Devonshire square, Bishopsgate street
Golden square
Gough's square, near Fleet street
Gould's square, Woodrooffe lane
Grosvenor square
Guillon's square, Gulllon's street
Haberdashers square, Grub street
Hanover square
Hoxton square, Hoxton
Hydon square, Minories
Jeffrey's square, St. Mary Ax
King's square, Soho
Leicester Fields square
Lime street square, Lime street
Lincoln's Inn fields square
Mint square, Southwark
New street square, near Shoe lane
Nixon's square, near Jew in street
Old street square, Old street
Panton square, Oxendon street
Petticoat square, Petticoat lane
Plumb Tree square, Plumb Tree street
Prince's square, RatclifF highway
Queen square, Little Bartholomew close
Queen square, Ormond street
Queen square, St. James's park
Ratcliff square, Ratcliff
Red Lion square, Red Lion street
St. James's square, Pallmall
St. John's square, Clerkenwell
Searle's square, Lincoln's Inn
Smith's (quare, Westminster
Spital square, Bishopsgate street
Stepney square, Stepney
Union square, Minories
Warren's square, Wapping
Webb's square, Shoreditch
Wellclose square, Rosemary lane

Walks, Walls, Ways, Wharfs in 1732.

Archbishop's wall, Lambeth
Ballad wharf, Cock hill, Ratcliff
Bandvleg walk, Maiden lane
Bell wharf, Tooly street
Black wall, Poplar
Bridewell walk, Clerkenwell
Broad wall, near the Upper Ground
Broad way, Black friars
Broadway, Privy Garden
Broad way, Tothill street
Broken wharf, Thames street
Brooks wharf, near Queenhithe
Brown's wharf, White friars dock
Bull wharf, near Brooks wharf
Chambers's wharf, near the Bridge yard
Chelsea Path way, Pemblico
Coal wharf, near the Strand
Cotton's wharf, Bridge yard passage
Dashwood's wharf, at the Old Swan
Dowgate wharf, Thames street
Dung wharf, Mill bank
Dung wharf, Wapping wall
Eglinsgate way, Tooly street
Fresh wharf, Thames street
Grange walk, King John's court
Gravel walk, Blue Anchor alley
Green walk, Broad wall
Green walk, Gravel lane
Harrow walk, Lambeth fields
Hatton wall, Hatton gardens
Holand's Leagure walk, Green walk
Holford's walk, Fore street, Lambeth
Hospital walk, Hoxton
Hunt's wharf, near Thames street
King's Arms walk, Narrow wall
King's Bench walk, Inner Temple
Limehouse causeway
Little Match walk, Upper Shadwell
Little Rope walk, Goswell street
Long walk, Christ's Hospital
Long walk, Cross Keys court, White Cross street
Long walk, King John's court
Lower Holloway, Highgate road
Marlhalfea Gateway, St. Margaret's hill
Match walk, Upper Shadwell
Morris's wharf, near Thames street
Narrow wall, Lambeth
New Prison walk, Clerkenwell
New walk, Shad Thames
New way, in the Maze, Tooly street
New way, Orchard street
Pageant's wharf, Rotherhithe
Paul's wharf, near Bennet's hill
Plow and Harrow walk, Nag's Head buildings
Riseby's walk, Limehouse
Rogue's wall, near Stepney
Rope walk, Goswell street
Rope walk, near Whitechapel
Rope walk, near Nightingale lane
Rope walk, near Shad Thames
St. Botolph's wharf, near Billingsgate
Scot's wharf, White friars
Shaysbee's walk, Upper Shadwell
Shoulder of Mutton walk, Hackney
Stanton's wharf, near Stoney lane
Three Coney walk, Buttsstreet, Lambeth
Three Crane wharf, Three Cranes
Ten Feet way. Nightingale lane
Tonson's wharf, Puddle dock
Upper Holloway, Highgate road
Vauxhall walk, Butt street, Lambeth
Wapping wall, Shadwell
Warwick's wharf, near the Strand
Wash way, Kennington common
Waterhouse wharf, London bridge
White Swan ftairs, near Thames street
Wildny's wharf, Ratcliff
Wood wharf, Hartshorn lane
Wood wharf, near Broken wharf
Wood wharf, Mill bank

Lanes in 1732.

Abchurch lane, Lombard street
Allhallows lane, Thames street
Artichoke lane, near the Hermitage
Artichoke Head lane, near the Hermitage
Artillery lane, Bishopsgate street
Artiliery lane, Fair street
Ave Mary lane, Ludgate street
Back lane, Hackney
Back lane, Bednal green
Back lane, Islington
Back lane, Lambeth marsh
Back lane, near Rag fair
Bagnio lane, Newgate street
Bartholomew lane, Threadneedle street
Basing lane, Bread street
Baynard's Castle lane, Thames street
Beach lane, VVhiteCross street
Bear lane, Gravel lane
Bear lane, Leicester fields
Bearbinder lane, Swithin's lane
Beer lane, Thames street
Bell lane, Lifsham green
Bell lane, Spital fields
Bennets Bridge lane, Upper Ground
Bevis lane, Duke's place
Billiter lane, Leadenhall street
Bingle'i lane, Poplar
Birching lane, Cornhill
Botolph lane, Thames street
Bow lane, Cheapside
Bow lane, New Gravel lane
Bow lane, Poplar
Bowling green lane, Bridewell walk
Brewers lane, Thames street
Brewhouse lane, Salisbury court
Brewhouse lane, Wapping
Bride lane, Fleet street
Brick lane, Old street
Brick lane, Spital fields
Brickhill lane, Thames street
Broad Bridge lane, Shadwell
Brooks Wharf lane, High Timber street
Brown's lane, Spital fields
Bull lane, Stepney
Bull flairs lane
Bull wharf lane, Thames street
Bufh lane, Canon street
Butcherhall lane, Newgate street
Carey lane, Foster lane
Castle June, Castle street
Castle lane, Westminster
Champion lane, Thames street
Chancery lane, Fleet street
Charterhouse la. Charterhouse square
Cherry garden lane, Rotherhithe
Chick lane, West Smithfield
Church lane, Dyet street
Church lane, Houndsditch
Church lane, Islington
Church lane, Newington butts
Church lane, Ropewalk, Limehouse
Church lane, St. Mary Overy's
Church lane, in the Strand
Church lane, Thames street
Church lane, Whitechapel
Church lane, Wood street, Cheapside
Clements lane, Clare market
Clements lane, Lombard street
Clifford's Inn lane, Fleet street
Cloak lane, Dowgate hill
Coal harbour lane, Camberwell
Cock lane, Swan fields, Shoreditch
Cock lane, Snow hill
Cold harbour lane, Thames street
Compter lane, St. Margaret's hill
Corporation lane, Bridewell walk
Couzens lane, Thames street
Cow lane, Stepney
Cow lane, Snow hill
Cow lane, Trinity street, Rotherhithe
Cut throat lane, Cock hill, Ratcliff
Creechurch lane, Leadenhall street
Creed lane, Ludgate street
Crooked lane, Mint street
Crooked lane, New Fish street
Cross lane, Bush lane
Cross lane, Cartwright street
Cross lane, Hartshorn lane 3
Cross lane, Marygold street
Cross lane, Parker's lane, Drury lane
Cross lane, St. Dunstans hill
Cross lane, St. Mary hill
Cross lane, Shad Thamas
Crucisix lane, Barnaby street
Dancing Bridge lane
Darkhouse lane, Thames street
Devils lane, Islington Parish
Dice Quay lane, Thames street
Dirty lane, Blackman street
Dirty lane, Brewers street
Dirty lane, High Holborn
Dirty lane, Hoxton
Dirty lane, Old Palace yard
Dirty lane, Stoney street
Dog lane, Five Feet lane
Drury lane, St. Giles's in the Fields
Duck lane, Peter street
Duck lane, West Smithfield
Dutchy lane, in the Strand
Duxford lane, Thames street
East lane, Rotherhithe wall
Ebbgate lane, Thames street
Elbow lane, New Gravel lane
Elder lane, Upper Mill bank
Emperor's Head lane, Thames street
Fetter lane, Fleet street
Field lane, Holborn hill
Finch lane, Cornhill
Five Feet lane, Barnaby street
Five Feet lane, Thames street
Fleet lane, Old Bailey
Foster lane, Cheapside
Foul lane, in the Borough
Fox lane, Upper Shadwell
Freeman's lane, Horselydown
Friars lane, Thames street
Frog lane, Islington
Gardiners lane, High Timber street
Gardiners lane, King street
Gardiners lane, Maiden lane
Gardiners lane, Neathouse lane
Gardiners lane, Petty France
Golden lane, Old street
Grange lane, Bermondsey
Gravel lane, near the Falcon
Gravel lane, Houndsditch
Gray's Inn lane, Holborn
Great Carter lane, Paul's Chain
Great Distaff lane, Old Change
Great Elbow lane, College hill
Great St. Ann's lane, Westminster
Great St. Thomas Apostles lane
Great Trinity lane, Bow lane
Green lane, Lambeth
Green Lettice lane, Canon street
Greyhound lane, Whitechapel
Gun lane, Three Colts street
Gutter lane, Cheapside
Harp lane, Tower street
Hartshorn lane, in the Strand
Hedge lane, Charing Cross
Hennage lane, Duke's place
Hog lane, Norton falgate
Hog lane, St. Giles's pound
Holiwell lane, Shoreditch
Honey lane, Cheapside
Hornley lane
Horseferry lane, Fore street
Horsleydown new lane
Horsleydown old lane
horsemongers lane, Newington
Hosier lane, West Smithfield
Huggen lane, Thames street
Idol lane. Tower street
Inner Temple lane, Fleet street
Ironmonger lane, Cheapside
Island Head lane, Wapping
Ivy lane, Newgate street
Ivy Bridge lane, in the Strand
King's College lane, Bristol street
King David's lane, Upper Shadwell
King David's Fort lane
Kennington lane, Vauxhall
Kennington Common lane
Lad lane, Wood street
Land of Promise lane, Hoxton
Laurence lane, Cheapside
Laurence la. High street, St. Giles's
Leather lane, Holborn
Lilly pot lane, Noble street
Linton's lane, Newington butts
Little Almonry, Westminster
Little Brick lane, Nichol's street
Littie Bufh lane, Thames street
Little Carter lane, Old Change
Little Distaff lane
Little Drury lane, in the Strand
Little Elbow lane, Thames street
Little Gray's Inn lane
Little Ivy lane, Ivy lane
Little Nightingale lane, Bur street
Little Minories, in the Minories
Little St. Ana's lane
Little St. Martin's lane
Little St. Thomas Apostles lane
Little Trinity 1ane, Thames street
Little Sheer lane, Sheer lane
Little Sanctuary lane
Lock lane, Newington butts
Long lane, Aldersgate street
Long lane, Barnaby street
Love lane, Bank. Side, Southwark
Love lane, Broad sanctuary
Love lane, Old Gravel lane
Love lane, Rotherhithe wall
Love lane, Thames street
Love lane, Wood street
Lower Turning lane, Shadwell
Lukeners lane, Drury lane
Maiden lane, Church street, Lambeth
Maiden lane, Deadman's place
Maiden lane, Halfmoon street
Maiden lane, Queen street
Maiden lane, Wood street
Marigold lane, Upper ground
Mark lane, Tower street
Market lane, Pallmall
Middle Shadwell lane
Middle Temple lane, Fleet street
Middle Turning lane, Shadwell
Milford lane, in the Strand
Mill lane, Tooly street
Millpond Bridge lane, Rotherhithe
Mincing lane, Fenchurch street
Moor lane, Fore street
Morgan's lane, Old Horsleydown lane
Mourning lane, Hackney
Mutton lane, Clerkenwell
Neatboufe lane, Upper Mill bank
Nickinger lane, Rotherhithe wall
New lane, Shad Thames
New Cock lane, Swan fields, Shoreditch
New Gravel lane, Shadwell
New street, square lane
Nightingale lane, East Smithfield
Nightingale lane, Limehouse
Nightingale turning, Hermitage
Oat lane, Noble street
Old Bargehouse stairs lane
Old Bedlam lane, Bishiopsgate street
Old Change lane, Cheapside
Old Gravel lane, Ratcliff highway
Old Horsleydown lane
Old Jewry lane, in the Poultry
Old Market lane, Brook's street
Old Swan lane, Thames street
Oliphant's lane, Rotherhithe
Oxford Arms inn lane, Warwick lane
Pancras lane, Queen street
Paul's Chain lane, Paul's Church yard
Parish Garden lane, Upper Ground
Parker's lane, Drury lane
Peter lane, St. John street
Petticoat lane, Whitechapcl
Philip lane, London wall
Phiipot lane, Fenchurch street
Pillory lane, Butcher row
Poor Jewry lane, Aldgate
Portpool lane, Leather lane
Printing house lane, Black friars
Pudding lane, Thames street
Pie corner lane, West Smithfield
Red Maid lane, near the Hermitage
Robin Hood's lane, Poplar
Rood lane, Fenchurch street
Rose lane, Spitalfields
Rose lane, White horse street, Ratcliff
Rosemary lane, in the Minories
St. Ann's lane, Aldersgate
St. Catharine's lane, East Smithfield
St. George's lane, Botolph Line
St. Johns lane, St. Johns street
St. Laurence Pulteney's lane
St. Margaret's lane, Old Palace yard
St. Martins lane, Canon street
St. Martins lane, Charing cross
St. Mary Ax lane, Leadenhall street
St. Michae1 lane, Great Eastcheap
St Nicholas lane, Lombard street
St Sith's lane, Budge row
St Swithins lane, Canon street
St Thomas's lane, Drury lane
Salisbury lane, Rotherhithe wall
Salmons lane, White horse street, Ratcliff
Schoolhouse lane, brook's street
Seacoal lane, Snow hill
Sheer lane, Temple bar
Seething lane, Tower street
Sermon lane, Little Carter lane
Sherburn lane, Lombard street
Shoe lane, Fleet street
Shug line, near Piccadilly
Staining lane, near Wood street
Stew lane, High Timber street
Stoney lane, Old Horsleydown lane
Stoney lane, Petticoat lane
Strand lane, in the Strand
Suffolk lane, Thames street
Sugarbaker's lane, Duke's place
Temple lane, White friars
The Folly lane, Neckinger lane
Thieving lane, King street
Three Colts lane, Hare street
Three Cranes lane, Thames street
Three Oaks lane, Horsleydown
Tower Royal lane, Budge row
Townsend lane, Hockley in the hole
Trig lane, Thames street
Turnagain lane, Snow hill
Turnwheel lane, Canon street
Tyburn lane, Hide park road
Vauxhall stairs lane, Vauxhall
Vigo lane, Swallow street
Wallbrook lane, near the Mansion house
Warwick lane, Newgate street
Water lane, Black friars
Waterlane, Fleet street
Water lane, Mill street
Water lane, Tower street
Watermens lane, White friars
Weavers lane, Horfleydown
West lane, Rotherhithe wall
White Hart lane, Broadway
White horselane, Mile end
White horse lane, White horse street, Ratcliff
Whitfters lane, Vine street
Wilderness lane, Salisbury court
Wiltshire lane, East Smithfield
Windmill lane, Whitechapel
Woodrose lane, Crutched friars
Woolstaple lane, New Palace yard
Worcester Place lane, Thames street

ALLEYS in 1732.

Acorn alley, Bilhopsgate street
Adam and Eve alley, Barnaby street
Adam and Eve alley, Smithfield
Anchor alley, Mint street
Anchor alley, Thames street
Anchor and Kope alley, Wapping
Angel alley, Aldersgate street
Angel alley, street street
Angel alley, Fore street, Lambeth S
Angel allev, Golden lane
Angel alley. Gray's Inn lane
Angel alley, Houndsditch
Angel alley, King street, St. James's square
Angel alley, Leadenhall street
Angel alley, Little Moorfields
Angel alley, Long acre
Angel alley, Nightingale lane
Angel alley, Pepper alley, Southwark
Angel alley, Ratcliff Highway
Angel alley, Shoe lane
Angel alley, Stoney lane
Angel alley, WhiteCross street
Angel alley, Whitechapel
Anne's alley, East Smithfield
Antelope alley, King street
Artichoke alley, Barnaby street
Artichoke alley, Hijiweli street,
Ax alley, Leadenhall street
Bab's alley, Mint street, Southwark
Back alley, Back hill, Hatton wall
Back alley, Bear alley, Fleet ditch
Back alley, Bowling alley, Westminster
Back alley, Church lane, Whitechapel
Back alley, Church lane, T street
Back alley, Cloth fair
Back alley, Great Garden, St. Catharine's
Back alley, Green Bank, Wapping
Back alley, Playhouse yard, WhiteCross street
Back alley, Three Foxes court, Long lane
Bacon alley, Woolpack alley, Houndsditch
Badger alley, Shoreditch
Bagand Bottle alley. Old street
Bailey's alley, in the Strand
Baker's alley, Church lane, Whitechapel
Baker's allev, Farmer's street, Shadwell
Baker's alley, Goswell street
Baker's alley, King street, Westminster
Baker's alley, Monkwell street
Baker's alley, St. John street
Baker's alley, in the Strand
Baker's alley, Swallow street
Bakers arms alley, Rosemary lane
Ball alley, Aldersgate street
Ball alley, Canon street
Ball alley, Kingfiand road
Ball alley, Lime street
Ball alley, Lombard street
Ball alley, Long alley, Moorfields
Ball alley, St. Catharine's lane
Bali alley, Wheeler street
Bandy Leg alley, Fleet ditch
Bnnnister's alley, Broad S Giles's
Bannister's alley, Nightingale lane
Barbers alley, Brown's jane, Spitalfields
Barbers Pole alley, St. Margarets hill
Barking alley, Seething lane, Tower street
Basket alley, Golden lane
Basket alley, Goswell street
Bear alley. Addle hill
Bear alley, Bride lane
Bear alley, London wall
Bear alley, Fleet ditch
Bear alley, Wormwood street
Beehive alley, Snow hill
Beggars Alms alley, Rosemary lane
Bell alley, Austin Friars
Bell alley, Budge row
Bell alley, Canon street
Bell alley, Coleman street
Bell alley, Dean street
Bell alley, Fenchurch street
Bell alley, Goswell street
Bell alley, Great Carter lane
Bell alley, Great Eastcheap
Bell alley, Green alley, Tooly street, Southwark
Bell alley, Kingfiand road
Bell alley, King street, Westminster
Bell alley, New Stairs, Wapping
Bell alley, Old Bedlam
Bell alley, Old street
Bell alley, Saffron hill
Bell alley, Thieving lane
Bell alley, Turnmill street
Bell alley, Walbrook
Bell alley, Wapping s
Bell and Bear alley, Great Eastcheap
Bell's alley, St. Catherine's lane
Benfon's alley, Shoreditch
Betts's alley, Shoreditch
Biggs's alley, Thral street
Bilton's alley, Freeman's lane
Birds alley, Fashion street
Birdcage alley, Anchor street
Birdcage alley, St. Margaret's hill
Birdcatchers alley, Whitechapel
Bird in Hand alley, Cheapside
Bitt alley, Turnmill street
Black and white alley, Old Bailey
Black Bell alley, Petticoat lane
Blackbird alley, St. John street
Black Boy alley, Chick lane
Black Boy alley, Fore street, Lambeth
Black Boy alley, in the Minories
Black Boy alley, Rosemary lane
Black Boy alley, Thames street
Black Bull alley, Petticoat lane
Black Dog alley, Bowling alley
Black Dog alley, East Smithfield
Black horse alley, Fleet street
Black Jack alley, East Smithfield
Black Jack alley, Great Windmill street
Black Jack alley, Old street
Blackburn's alley, Rotherhithe Wall
Black's alley, East Smithfield
Black Lyon alley, Wentworth street
Blackmoors alley, Farthing fields
Blackmoors alley, Green Bank
Blackmoors alley, St. Martin's lane
Black Raven alley, Coleman street
Black Raven alley, Leadenhall street
Black Raven alley, Thames street
Black SpreadEagle alley, Blackman street
Black Spread Eagle alley, Kent street
Black Spread Eagle alley, Turnmill street
Tjlack Swan alley, Golden lane
Black Swan alley, Holiwell street
Black Swan alley, Little Carter lane
Black Swan alley. London Wall
Black Swan alley, St. Margaret's Hill
Black Swan alley, Thames street
Blake's alley, Holiwell lane
BlindBeggars alley, CowCross
Blue Anchor alley, Barnaby street
Bine Anchor alley, Brook's street
Blue Anchor alley, Bunhiil row
Blue anchor alley, Cable street
Blue Anchor alley, Green Bank
Blue Anchor alley, Minories
Blue Anchor alley, Old street
Blue Anchor alley, Pesthouse row
Blue Anchor alley, Petty France
Blue Anchor alley, Rosemary lane
Blue Anchor alley, St. Catherine's
Blue Anchor alley, Tooly street
Blue Anchor alley, Tower Ditch
Blue Anchor alley, WhiteCross street
Blue Ball alley, in the Mint
Blue Boar alley, Blackman street
Blue Boar alley, Field lane street
Blue Boar's Head alley, White street
Blue Gate alley, WhiteCross street
Blue Maid alley, St Margaret's
Blue Posts alley, Blue Gate field
Blunderbuss alley, St. Thomas Apostles
Boar alley, Grub street
Boarded alley, Baldwin's Gardens
Boar's Head alley, Whitechapel
Boar's Head alley, White street
Bock's alley, Wapping Wall
Bolt and Tun alley, Whitechapel
Boot alley, Abchurch lane
Boot alley, Grub street
Boot alley, Kent street
Boot alley, St. James's street
Boot alley, Upper Ground street
Boss alley, St Mary at hill
Boss alley, Shad Thames
Boss alley, Thames street
Bostwick's alley, Whitechapel
Botolph's alley, Botolph lane
Bottle alley, street street
Bowl alley, St. Saviour's, Dock Head
Bowling alley, Cow Cross
Bowling alley, Dean's yard, Westminster
Bowling alley, Thames street
Bowling alley, Tooly street
Bowling alley, Turmmill street
Bowling alley, WhiteCross street
Boxe's alley, Wapping
Boy and Bell alley, Brick lane
Brake's alley, Nightingale lane
Breadstreet alley, Bread street bill
Breakneck alley, in the Minories
Brewers alley, Shoe lane
Bride alley, Fleet street
Bridewell alley, St. Margaret's hill
Broomstick alley, Bunhill
Broomstick alley, Field lane
Broomstick alley, WhiteCross street
Brown Beer alley, East Smithfield
Brown's alley, King street
Brown's alley, Norton Falgate
Brown's alley, Gravel street
Buckridge alley, George street
Brum alley. East Snathfield 7
Bull alley, Turnmill street
Bull alley, Whitechapel
Bull Head alley, Rag street
Butchers alley, Cable street
Butcher:, alley, St. John street
Butlers alley, Grab street
Butlers alley, Little Moorfields
Butlers alley, Windmill row
Buttermilk alley, Phoenix street

Cabbage alley. Barnaby street
Cain and Abel's allay, Angel alley
Campion's alley, Market street
Canon alley, St, Paul's churchyard
Castle alley, Cornhill
Castle alley. Thames street
Catharine alley, street street
Catharine wheel alley , George inn
Catharine wheel alley, Holiwell street
Catharine wheel alley, Petticoat lane
Catharine wheel alley, St.James street
Catharine wheel alley, Whitechapel
Cat alley. Long lane
Catlin's alley, Shoreditch
Chapel alley, near Oxford street
Chapel alley, Longacre
Chequer alley, in the Borough
Checquer alley, Old Bethlehem
Chequer alley, WhiteCross street
Cherry tree alley, Golden lane
Chitterling alley, Beer lane
Christopher's alley, Lambert street
Christopher's alley, Moorfields
Christopher's alley, St. Martin's le Grand
Church alley, North, Basinghall street
Church alley, South, Basinghall street
Church alley, Giltspur street
Church alley, Old Jewry
Church alley, St. Mary Hill
Church alley, Thames street
Church alley, Tooley street
Church alley, Wapping
Church alley, Whitechapel
Churchyard alley, Cartwright street
Churchyard alley, Fetter lane
Churchyard alley, Harp alley
Churchyard alley, Shoe lane
Chymillcrs alley, Bedfordbury
Cinnamon alley, Turnmill street
Clark's alley, street street
Clark's alley, Whitechapel
Coal alley, Whitechapel
Cock alley, East Smithfieid
Cock alley, Deadmans Place
Cock alley, Ludgate Hill
Cock alley, Norton Falgate
Cock alley. Portpool lane
Cock alley, Shoreditch
Cock alley, Wapping
Cock alley, Whitechapel
Cocket alley, Fore street
Cockpit alley, Drury lane
Cockpit alley, Gravel lane
Coleman's alley, Bunhill Fields
Commistrys alley, Cock Hill
Compter alley. Borough
Conduit alley, Quakers street
Constabtes alley, Hoxton
Cooks alley, Bedfordbury
Cork alley, Turnmill street
Corkcutters alley, Longditch
Coopers alley, WhiteCross street
Counsellors alley, Great Pearl street
Covely's alley, Grey eagle street
Cox's alley, Leather lane
Cradle alley, CowCross
Cradle alley, Cat throat lane Shadwell
Cradle alley, Drury lane
Cradle alley, Golden lane
Cradle alley, Grays inn Lane
Crane alley, Chancery lane
Crane alley, Old Change
Cranebourn alley. Leicester fields
Crispin's alley, Holm ell street
Cropp's allev, Back street, Lambeth
Cross alley, George alley Shoe lane
Cross alley, Marigold street
Cross alley, One Uun alley, Wapping
Cross alley, Upper Well alley, Wapping
Crosskeys alley, Blackman street
Cross keys alley, Barnaby street
Crosskeys alley, Norton Falgate
Crosskeys allev, Walling street
Crosskeys alley, WhiteCross street
Crosskeys alley, without Temple Bar
Cross Shovel alley, Blackman street
Crow alley, Whitecross street
Crowd alley, Salisbury court
Crowder's Well alley, |ewin street
Crown alley, Bank Side
Crown alley, King Tudor street
Crown alley, Minories
Crown aliey, Tooly street
Crown alley, Upper Moorfields
Crown alley, WhiteCross street
Crown allev, White street , horselydown
Cucumber alley, Ship yard, Temple Bar
Cupid's alley, Golden lane
Cumers alley, Shoe lane
Cutting alley, New North street

Dagger alley, St. Margaret's Hill
Dagger alley, Peter street, Cow Cross
Dagger allev, Quaker street, Spitalfields
Dart's alley, Whitechapel
David and Harp alley, Whitechapel
Dawson's alley, St. Martin's le grand
Dirty alley, Fashion street
Dirty aliey, Ratcliff Highway
Dipping alley, Fair street, horselydown
Ditch alley, Green alley, Tooly street
Doctor Frier's alley, Little Britain
Dod's alley, Nightingale lane
Dod alley, Bowling alley, Westminster
Dog alley, Fore street, Lambeth
Dog and Bear alley, Horselvdown
Dog and Duck alley, New Bond street
Dolittle'a alley, Little Carter lane
Dolphin alley, Blackman street
Dolphin ailey, Cock lane, Snowhill
Dolphin aliey, Gun street, Spitalfields
Dolphin alley, Long alley, Moorfields
Dolphin alley, St. Catharine's court
Dolphin alley, Wapping
Drum alley, Drury lane
Ducking Pond alley, Whitechapel road
Duke's alley, Kingsland road
Dumb alley, High Holborn
Dunning's alley, Bishiopsgate street
Dyersalley, Bricklane, Spitalfields
Eagle and Child alley, Shoe lane
Exchange alley, Cornhill
Exchange alley, Mint, Southwark
Falcon alley, Barnaby street
Falcon alley, Redcross street
Falconers alley, CowCross
Farmers alley, Gardiners lane
Farr's alley, St. Giles's
Farm's alley, Goswell street
Fann's alley, Web's square
Farthing ailey, East Smithfieid
Farthing ailey, Jacob street
Farthing alley, in the Maze
Feathers aliey, Bedfordbury
Fishers alley, Hide street, Bloomsbury
Fishers alley, Rosemary lane
Fishers alley, Water lane, Fleet street
Fishmongers alley, St. Margaret's hill
Fishmongers alley, Fenchurch street
Five Foot alley, Old Gravel lane
Five lnk horn alley, Whitechapel
Five Pipe alley. Pickle Herring
Flower de Luce aliey. Blackfriars
Flower de Luce aliey, Wheeler street
Fole allev, Swan allev, East Smithfie1d
Formans alley, Old street
Fountain alley, Maiden lane
Fox and Goose alley, Peters lane
French alley , Goswell street
French alley, Quaker street
Friers alley, Wood street 1
Fryingpan alley, Berwick street
Fryingpan alley, Borough, Southwark
Fryingpan alley, Browns Gardens
Fryingpan alley, Deadmans Place
Fryingpan alley, Fore street, Lambeth
Fryingpan alley, Golden lane
Fryingpan alley, Great Swan alley
Fryingpan aliey, Oxford street
Fryingpan alley, Petticoat lane
Fryingpan alley, Redcross street
Fryingpan alley, To thill street
Fryingpan alley, Turnmill street
Fryingpan alley, Wood street 1
Garland alley, street street
George alley, Coleman street
George allev, Field lane
George alley, St. Margaret's hill
George alley, Shoe lane
George alley, Stony street
Geosge alley, Thames street
George alley, Turnmill street
George alley, York Buildings
George and Vulture alley, Cornhill
Gingerbread alley, Holiwell lane
Globe alley, Dead man's Place
Globe alley, Narrow street, Limehouse
Globe alley, Quaker street
Glebe alley, Wapping
Globe Stairs alley, Jamaica street
Goat alley, Upper Ground
Goat alley, WhiteCross street
Gob's alley, Grey Eagle street
Golden Anchor alley, Old street
Golden Lyon alley, Longditch
Goldsmith's alley, Jewin street
Good Child's alley, Market street
Goofe alley, fleet Ditch
Grace's alley, Wellclose square
Grey Pea alley, Redmaid lane
Grasshopper alley, Fore street
Great Bell ailey, Coleman street
Great Cock alley, Fore street
Great Crow alley, WhiteCross street
Great Lamb alley, Blackman street
Great Swordbearers alley, Chiswell street
Great Turnstile alley, High Holborn
Green alley, Broad Sanctuary
Green alley, Coleman street
Green alley, St. Saviour's Dock
Green alley, Tooly street
Green Dragon alley, Narrow street, Limehouse
Green Dragon alley, Wapping
Greenwich alley, Brickhill lane
Greyhound alley, St. Mary Ax 1
Grey Peas alley, Three Maid lane
Gridiron alley, Whitechapel
Griffin alley, Blackman street
Grocers alley, Poultry
Grocers alley, Shoreditch
Guildhall alley, Basinghall street
Gullyhole alley, Wheeler street
Gum alley, Barnaby street
Gummery's alley, Dorset street
Gun alley, Little Moorfields
Gun alley, Well street, May fair
Gunpowder alley, Poor Jewry lane
Gunpowder alley, Shoe lane
Halfmoon alley, street street
Halfmoon alley, Cheapside
Halfmoon alley, Green Bank, Wapping
Halfmoon alley, Jewin street
Halfmoon alley, Little Bartholomew close
Halfmoon alley, Little Moorfields
Halfmoon alley, Saltpetre Bank
Halfmoon alley, Seven Stars alley, Golden lane
Halfmoon alley, Whitechapel
Halfpenny alley, Jacob street
Halfpenny aliey, Sharp's alley, Cow Cross
Hand alley, High Holborn
Hand alley, Long alley, Moorfields
Hand alley, Petticoat lane
Hand and Crown alley, Cow lane
Hand and Pen alley, Tower hill
Hanging Sword alley, Water lane
Hangman's Gains alley, St. Catharine's
Hare alley, Shoreditch
Harp alley, Fleet Market
Harrow alley, Mint street
Harrow alley, Old Gravel lane
Harrow alley, Petticoat lane
Harrow alley, Whitechapel
Hatchet alley, Church lane
Hatchet alley, East Smithfield
Hatchet alley, Little Britain
Hatchet alley, Little Tower Hill
Hedge alley, Barnaby street
Hepworth's alley, Dancing bridge
Hercules Pillars alley, Fleet street
Holford's alley, Drury lane
Hoop alley, Old street
Hoop alley, Portpool lane
Horn alley, Aldcrfgate street
Horn alley, Liquorpond street
Horseshoe alley, Anchor street
Horseshoe alley, Bank Side
Horseshoe alley, Maiden lane
Horseshoe alley, Moorfields
Horseshoe alley, Petticoat lane
Horseshoe alley, Petty France
Horseshoe alley, Whitechapel
Housewife alley, Old Bethlehem
Howard's Causeway alley, Narrow Wall
Huggen alley, Wood street
Hutley's alley, Bank Side
Jack Adams's alley, Safrron hill
Jacksons alley, Bow street, Covent Garden
Jacob's alley, Barnaby street
Jacob's Well alley, Nightingale lane
Jacob's Well alley, Thames street
Jerufalem allev, Gracechurch street
John's alley, Budge row
Joyners Hall alley, Thames street
Kings Head alley, Broad street , Ratcliff
Kings Head allev, Whitechapel
Kings Bench allev, St. Margaret's hill
Labour in vain alley, St. Margaret's hill
Lady alley, King street, Westminster
Lamb alley, street street
Lamb alley, Goodman's Fields
Lamb alley, Monkwell street
Lamb alley, in the Old Change
Lamb alley, St. Giles's Broad way
Lamb alley, Sherbourn lane
Lamb ailey, Whitechapel
Landress alley, Five Feet lane
Lane's alley, St. Giles's Broadway
Last alley, Cow Cross
Last alley, Whitechapel
Leg alley, Barnaby street
Leg allev, Shoreditch
Leg alley, Tooly street
Lilley's alley, Saffron hill
Little Bell alley, Coleman street
Little Bell alley, Grub street
Little Eofs alley, Thames street
Little Cock alley, WhiteCross street
Little Crow alley, WhiteCross street
Little Crowder's Well alley, George Inn
Little Crown alley, Long alley, Moorfields
Little Dunning's alley, near street street
Little Greenwich alley, Aldersgate street
Little Gun alley, Orchard, Wapping
Little Lamb alley, Blackman street
Little Lalt alley! East Smithfield
Little Maypole alley, St. Margaret's Hill
Little Mouse alley, East Smithfield
Little Northumberland alley, Crutched Friars 1
Little Star alley, Mark lane
Little Swan alley, Coleman street
Little Swan alley, Mount Mill
Little Swan alley, St. John street
Little Swoidbearer's alley, Chifwell street
Little Three Tun alley, near Whitechapel
Little Turnftile alley, High Holborn
Little Twyford's alley, St. Ermin's Hill
Long alley, Black Friars
Long alley, Moorfields
Long alley, in the Strand
Loom alley, Old Bethlehem
Lower Gun alley, Green Wapping
Lower Well alley, Green Wapping
Lucas's alley, Quaker street
Lyon and Lamb alley, Golden lane
Maidenhead alley, Wapping
Magpye allev, Aldersgate street
Magpye alley, Bishiopsgate street
Magpye alley, Fetter lane
Magpye alley, Gray's Inn lane
Magpye alley, Phoenix street
Maypole alley, Fenchurch street
Maypole alley, Holiwell street
Maypole alley, St. Margaret's Hill
Maypole alley, Wych street
Marigold alley, Barnaby street
Masons alley, Basinghall street
Meetinghouse alley, Johnsons street
Meetinghouse alley, Queen street, Rotherhithe
Michael's alley, Cornhill
Milk alley, Dean street, Soho
Milk alley, Long ditch, Westminster
Milk alley, Wapping
Milk alley, Winchester street
Month's alley, St. Catharine's lane 7
Moor's alley, King street, Westminster
Moor's alley, Norton falgate
Morgan's alley, Green walk, Southwark 8
Moses alley, Bank Side, Southwark 8
Moses and Aaron's alley, Whitechapel
Mouse alley, East Smithfield
Mustard alley, Castle lane
Nag's Head alley, Bridge yard Pasage
Nag's Head alley, Fenchurch street
Nags Head alley, St. Margaret's Hill
Naked Boy alley, Barnaby street
Narrow alley, Stoney lane
Nevils alley, Fetter lane
New alley, in Hoxton
New Turnstile alley, Holborn
Nichols's alley, Cable street, Rag fair
Noah's Ark alley, Narrow street, Ratcliff
North Prescot alley, St. John street
Northumberland alley, Fenchurch street
Off alley, York Buildings
Old Pav'd alley, Pallmall
OldShoe alley, Hoxton
Oliver's alley, in the Strand
One Gun alley, Wapping
One Tun alley, Hungerford Market
Pain's alley, Wapping wall
Pannier alley, Newgate street
Parker's alley, near Cherry Garden street
Parker's alley, Turnmill street
Park Prospect alley, Knightsbridge
Parliament Stairs alley, Westminster
Parrot alley, WhiteCross street
Parrot alley, East Smithfield
Paternoster alley, Paternoster row
Paul's alley, Fenchurch street
Paul's alley, Paul's Churchyard
Paul's alley, RedcCross street
Pav'd alley, Charles street, St. James's
Pav'd alley, Lime street
Pav'd alley, London house yard
Pav'd alley, Water lane, Blackfriars
Pav'd alley, White friars
Peal alley, Upper Shadwell
Pear Tree alley, Cinnamon street
Pear Tree alley, Shoreditch
Pear Tree alley, Wapping
Peas Porridge alley, Gravel lane
Penny Barber's alley, Stoney lane
Pepper alley, in the Borough
Petty Canon's alley, Paul's Church yard
Petty France alley, Old Bethlehem
Pewter Platter alley, Gracechurch street
Phoenix alley, Longacre
Phipps's alley, Shoreditch
Pin alley, near Rosemary lane
Pinner's alley, Shoreditch
Pipe alley, Broad way, Westminster
Pipemakers alley, Great St. Ann's lane
Pipemakers alley, WhiteCross street
Plow alley, Bank side
Plow alley, Barbican
Plow alley, Carey street
Plow alley, Wapping
Pope's Head alley, Cornhill
Poppet's alley, Green bank
Popping's alley, Fleet street
Porridgepot alley, Aldersgate street
Porter's alley, Basinghall street
Powel's alley, Chiswell street
Price's alley, Brewer street
Price's alley, Queen street, Park
Prichard's alley, Fair street
Priests alley, Foster lane
Priests alley, Tower street
Primrose alley, Bishopsgate street
Primrose alley, St. Mary Overy's dock
Pump alley, Green bank, Wapping
Pump alley, Kennington
Pump alley, Perkins's rents
Pump alley, Quaker street
Pump alley, Queen street, Park
Pump alley, near WhiteCross Bishopsgate
Quart Pot alley, George street
Queen's Arms alley, Shoe lane
Queen's Head alley, Hoxton
Queen's Head alley, Newgate Bishopsgate
Queen's Head alley, Wapping
Queen's Head alley, Whitechapel
Queenhithe alley, near Thames Bishopsgate
Rag alley, Golden lane
Ram alley, Cock lane
Ram alley, Cow Cross
Ram alley, Fleet street
Ram alley, St. John street
Red Bull alley, Kent street
Red Bull alley, Thames street
Red Cow alley, Old street
RedCross alley, Jewin street
RedCross alley, RedCross street
RedCross alley, St. Margaret's hill
Red Lyon alley, Cow Cross
Red Lyon alley, Minories
Red Lyon alley, St. Catharine's
Red Lyon alley, Peter street, St. John street
Red Lyon alley, St. John street
Red Lyon alley, Tower ditch
Red Lyon alley, Whitechapel
Red Rofe alley, WhiteCross street
Roe Buck alley, Turnmill street
Ropemakers ailey, Little Moorfields
Rose alley, Bank side, Southwark
Rose alley, Bishopsgate street
Rose alley, East Smithfield
Rose alley, Fleet lane
Rose alley, Golden lane
Rose alley, High Holborn
Rose alley, Rose street, Long acre
Rose alley, Saffron hill
Rose alley, Shoreditch
Rose alley, Sugarbakers lane
Rose alley, Tooly street
Rose alley, Turnmill street
Rose alley, Widegate street
Rose and Crown alley, near Whitechapel
Rosemary branch alley, Rosemary lane
Royal Oak alley, Ratcliff
St. Ann's alley, Noble street
St. Christopher's alley, St. Christopher's court
St. Dunstan's alley, St. Dunstans hill
St. John's alley, St. Martin le Grand
St. Laurence's alley, Cateaton street
St. Peter's alley, Cornhill
Salter's alley, Green bank, Wapping
Salter's alley, Nightingale lane
Savery's alley, Farmer street
Savoy alley, Savoy
Scalding alley, Poultry
Schoolhouse allev, Swan alley
Sea alley, King street, Westminster
Seamrns ailey, Rotherhithe wall
Serfnet's alley, Narrow street, Limehouse
Seven Stars alley, Ratcliff highway
Seven Stars alley, Rosemary lane
Seven Steps alley, Rotherhithe wall
Seven Steps alley, Old Montague street
Seven Steps alley, Petticoat lane
Sharp's alley, Barnaby street
Sharp's alley, Cow Cross
Sharp's alley, Leadenhall street
Sharp's alley, Norton folgate
Shaw's alley, Kent street
Sheers alley, East Smithfield
Sheers alley, White street
Sheers alley, Wentworth street
Sheers alley, Wood street
Shepherds alley, Thames street
Ship alley, Narrow street, Limehouse
Ship alley, Ratcliff highway
Shoulder of Mutton alley, Limehouse
Shovel alley, Back lane, Rag fair
Shovel alley, East Smithfield
Shovelalley, St. Catharine's
Shovel alley, Wood street
Six Bells alley, Foster lane
Shorey's alley, King street, Rotherhithe
Slaughterhouse alley, Spitalfields market
Sleep's alley, Islington road, St. John street
Slop alley, Gray's Inn lane
Smallcoal alley, Brick lane
Smallcoal alley, Faftiion street
Smallcoal alley, Rupert street
Smallcoal alley, St. John street
Smiths alley, Joyners street
Smock alley, Hockley in the holee
Smock alley, Petticoat lane
Sopers alley, WhiteCross street
Spectacles alley, Shoe lane
Spread Eagle alley, Kinfland road
Spread Eagle alley, Whitechapel
Squirrel alley, in the Minories
Stag's alley, Bedfordbury
Star alley, East Smithfield
Star alley, Fenchurch street
Star alley, Minories
Starch alley, Green bank, Southwark
Starch alley, Rotten row, Goswell street
Staymakero alley, Booth street
Stevens's alley, King street
Still alley, street street
Still alley, Blewgare field
Still alley, Houndsditch
Still alley, Long alley, Moorfields
Still alley, New street, St. Thomas's
Still alley, Petticoat lane
Stockingframe alley, Shoreditch
Stonecutters alley, Little Queen street
Stonecutters alley, Pallmall
Sugarloaf alley, Barnaby streets
Sugarloaf alley, Mark lane
Sugarloaf alley, Moses and Aaron alley
Sugarloaf alley, Portpool lane
Sugarloaf alley, Wentworth street
Sun alley, Barnaby street
Sun alley, Cow Cross
Sun alley, Golden lane
Sun alley, Grub street
Sun alley, Kent street
Sun alley, King street, Cheapside
Sun alley, St. John street
Sun and Trumpet alley, Whitechapel
Sun dial alley, Moorfields
Swan alley, Barnaby street
Swan alley, Brown's lane
Swan alley, Coleman street
Swan alley, East Smithfield
Swan alley, Golden lane
Swan allev, Goswell street
Swan alley, Minories
Swan alley, Puddle dock
Swan alley, Rotherhithe wall
Sweeting's alley, Cornhill
Tan alley, Long lane
Tafh alley, Shoreditch
Tenter alley, Little Moorfields
Tenter allev, Tooly street
Tenterground alley, Castle street
Thatch'd alley, Chick lane
Thatch'd house alley, Strand
Three Anchor alley, Shoe lane
Three Colt alley, near Bishopsgate street
Three Compaffes alley, East Smithfield
Three Crane alley, Bonds stables
Three Crane alley, in the Borough
Three Cup alley, Shoreditch
Three Falcon alley, St. Margaret's hill
Three Hats alley, horselydown lane
Three horseshoe alley, Old street
Three Leg alley, East Harding street
Three Link alley, Fafhion street
Three Needle alley, Moorfields
Three Pigeon alley, Hockley in the hole
Three Step alley, Rotherhithe
Three Tun alley, Bishopsgate ftr.
Three Tun alley, Cow Cross
Three Tun alley, London wall
Three Tun alley, Petticoat lane
Three Tun alley, St. Margaret's hill
Three Tun alley, Thames street
Three Tun alley, White street
Three Twifters alley, Bunhill row
Thrift's alley, Spring street
Thunderbolt alley, Windmill row
Tite's alley, Limehouse
Tongue's alley, Whitechapel
Tripp's alley, Ratcliff
Troter alley, Barnaby street
Trump alley, Cheapside
Tun alley, Love lane
Turner's alley, Little Eastcheap
Turnftile alley, Drury lane
Two Leg alley, Old Bethlehem
Twyford's alley, Petty France
Unicorn alley, Fore street
Unicorn alley, Holiwell street
Unicorn alley, Kent street
Unicorn alley, Wheeler street
Upper Gun alley, Wapping
Upper Well alley, Wapping
Valiant Soldier alley, Barnaby street
Wall's aliey, Minories
Walnut Tree alley, Tooly street
Washermaid's alley, Five Feet lane
Watercock alley, East Smithfield
Waterman's alley, New street, St Thomas's
Well alley, Minoriss
Well alley, near Tooly street
Weil alley, Ropemakers fields
Well and bucket alley, Old street
West Side alley, near Tooly street
Wheatsheaf alley, Barn;;by street
Wheatsheaf alley, Lambeth
Wheatfheaf alley, Thames street
Wheeler's alley, Old street
White's alley, Bond's stables
White's alley, Chancery lane
White's alley, Coleman street
White's alley, Little Moorfields
White's alley, Long ditch, Westminster
White's alley, Middle Moorfields
White Bear alley, Kent street
White Bear alley, Whitechapel
White Cock alley, Thames street
White Hart allev, Leadenhall street
White horse alley, Chick lane
White horse alley, Cow Cross
White horse alley, Great Eastcheap
White horse alley, Kent street
White horse alley, Turnmill street
White Lyon alley, Birching lane
White Rofe alley, WhiteCross street
Whiting's alley, Morgan's lane
Whiting's alley, near Tooly street
Wildgoofe alley, Thames street
Willow Tree alley, Wapping
Windmill alley, St. Margaret's hill
Windmill alley, Whitechapel
Wisdom's alley, Milibank, Westminster
Wiseman's alley, Brook street
Wightman's alley, St. John street
Wood's alley, Harrow alley
Woolpack alley, Houndsditch
York alley, St. Mary Magdalen's Church yard